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Empowering children to love who they are



What is the best age group?

This workshop is great for all elementary kids. The grade 7/8's are encouraged to teach and help the younger kids.


What are the benefits?

Kids learn to identify how stress feels in their body and how to self regulate using simple techniques such as yoga poses and Brain Gym movements.


How do we organize the classes?

The presentation is 20-25 minutes long.  Classes no larger then 60 kids rotate throughout the day.  We find smaller classes promotes discussion about how stress looks and feels.


How have schools organized this event?

Parent Council plays a big role.  Most schools create a community event to include a pasta diner along with a workshop for parents to learn the concepts.  Other schools have organized the workshop in their classroom.  


What are your fees?

$80 per hour + HST

$.50 per km travel

Hotel accommodation if necessary




Thank you to Leah Dilley who introduced me to the PACE program. I incorporated it into the morning routine in my full day Kindergarten program. The children really liked the challenge of the movements and had fun participating in routine. As an educator, I noticed that it helped my students with their focus and self-regulation and on days when we missed the routine the teachers and DECE noticed a difference in their listening skills, and attention. I plan to continue using it for this upcoming school year and highly recommend it for all teachers and all grade levels!”

-Kim Dunne-Robbins- Teacher


I was at the seminar in Mississauga the other week and you really inspired me to be more helpful and to recognize the severity of mental health issues. Thanks so much.”

-Workshop Participant


What's Your Spaghetti? is a great way to introduce students to recognize how their body is feeling. The spaghetti analogy is one that children can understand. Leah has a passion to share her knowledge with parents as well. Building self-regulation skills is certainly a need amongst students, especially young students who are new to school.”

-Ryan Brooks- Principle